Our Process

1. Workforce Planning
We start by identifying the calibers needed to fulfil our future plans, then we agree in on the number of employees we are looking to hire and the skills required. Open posts must be budgeted in advance and follow the selection process.
2. Job posting
We post all of our open available vacancies on our career webpage. For each post there is a time frame for application. Posts will be closed by end of time assigned.
3. Applying for a Job
To submit your application, you can register on our Careers' website here and apply for the role that best matches with your experience and our requirements on the job. CVs which do not meet the job requirements will not be considered.
4. CV Selection & Screening
On this stage, we review the most appropriate CVs which best match the job requirements. Such CVs will be screened accordingly.
5. Telephone Screening
HR will make an initial telephone interview with the candidates selected.
6. Schedule a First Interview
The candidates selected from the telephone screening will be called for first interview with a member of HR’s recruitment team todiscuss further experience, expectations, and background that enables a better understanding of candidate’s qualifications.
7. Schedule a Second Interview
The candidates who successfully passed the first interview will be called for a second interview with the Recruitment Manager and with one or two managers from the concerned business area who will assess the technical competencies for the role. HR will inform the candidate later with acceptance or rejection
8. Reference Check
If candidate is selected, HR will run background and reference check on the candidates who passed the second interview to obtain a reference from previous employer about the candidate.
9. Job Offer
HR will prepare the job offer letter at this stage for the selected candidate and he/she will be contacted by us to proceed with the employment offer.
10. Complete the medical checkup
Complete the medical checkup
11. Submission of Personal Documents & Sign the company Agreements
Once the candidate accepted our job offer, he/she will be required to submit several documents required for our records and in compliance to KSA regulations
12. Onboarding Process
HR will prepare the induction training and onboarding process